Good News!

It is good news that the bible teaches about...


God is the perfect creator of the world and everything in it[1]. As the Creator, He has the power and authority to rule His creation according to His will. He is perfect[2], just[3], eternal[4], all-knowing[5], present everywhere[6], and all-powerful[7]. Because He is pure, He cannot accept sin or approve of it; therefore, He demands that His people be sinless[8].


In contrast, the Bible teaches that everyone is naturally prone to disobey God[9]. The Bible calls our disobedience, sin. Because we are sinful, we constantly break the laws that God has revealed in His Word[10] and the commandments we know instinctively[11]. As sinners, God has condemned us to eternal punishment [12].


However, God is not only perfect and just, but He is also loving and merciful[13]. God sent His own perfect Son, Jesus Christ, to experience the punishment for sin that we deserve[14]. The Bible teaches that God’s Son is both God and man[15]. Jesus willingly came from heaven to earth, lived a sinless life, died the death of a criminal, was raised to life after three days in the grave, and now lives in heaven with God the Father[16]. Because Jesus is the sinless Son of God, His death in our place satisfies God’s judgment against our sin.


The Bible promises salvation to anyone who will believe and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord[17]. God forgives us when we turn from our old life and turn to Christ, and trust that His sin-paying death is our only hope for forgiveness and peace with God[18]. The Bible teaches that saving trust is more than simply agreeing with the Gospel facts, it also involves counting the costs, denying self, and following Christ[19].  You must choose!

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